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dog messageWorth Animal Hospital has been caring for pets since 1958. Our hospital personnel work very hard at being attentive, polite and caring. Like you, we are pet owners too and look on them as members of the family. We try to understand the needs, concerns and feelings of the people we serve.


Because we care about you and your pet, we welcome and comments or suggestions you have that would further help us to provide quality veterinary care. Please feel free to write down any thoughts you have or fill out our anonymous Quality Questionnaire and leave them in the suggestion box near the exit door.


We work by appointment and make every effort to be on time, but occasionally emergency situations arise or a pet with a severe illness takes longer to treat than we planned. Be assured these delays are no longer than is absolutely necessary.


AAHA NewsSince 1973, Worth Animal Hospital has been an accredited member of the American Animal Hospital Associations (AAHA). AAHA members must meet comprehensive hospital standards for excellence in professional services in twelve (12) areas including equipment, practice methods and management.